Communicating Boundaries

If we do not accept our limitations, we cannot expect anyone else to either.

In order to set boundaries around our limitations, we must first acknowledge and admit them to ourselves.

This is not easy to do.

We simultaneously believe ourselves capable of much more and much less than our true potential allows for.

This miscalculation of our abilities makes it difficult to understand our limitations.

Quite often, we have to push ourselves, or others have to push us, beyond our limitations in order for us to know what they are.

Through this sometimes painful process, we discover that some limitations are meant to be pushed and others are not.

Those limitations we find to be fixed, not flexible, become our boundaries.

Once we acknowledge, admit, and accept these boundaries, we must protect them.

This will require communication.

‘Communicating Boundaries’ by Robert Van Valkenburgh

HOLISTIC BUDO: As in Life, so too in Budo. As in Budo, so too in Life.

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