Hindrance of Extremes

The characteristics that make us each unique, special, and good as individuals, when manifested too extremely, can actually make us less effective in our ability to be of service to others. 

There is, after all, such a thing as too much of a good thing. 

This is especially true when it comes to our personalities. 

It is easy, blinded in pride by that which we are passionate about and feel called to do or express, to go too far, to overreach, and to step on the toes of others. 

Therefore, it is important that we know where our boundaries and the boundaries of others are, for it is at these boundaries that we meet, collaborate, and cooperate. 

At these boundaries, where our good and the good of others overlap, if we are able to set our pride aside and come together in service to the greater good, we will find that we have formed a community. 

Only in a community of mutual beneficence are we truly able to thrive, with those things that make us each unique, special, and good shining forth unto the world in their purest and brightest forms without being darkened by the shadows of the extremes that hinder us in our aim to serve. 

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