Committing To Resistance

Sometimes the thing we try but fail at is only one adjustment away from working. 

If we quit before we discover what the necessary adjustment is, we may never know how close we were to succeeding. 

As it turns out, resistance is a normal and necessary part of the growth process. 

When we meet resistance, it is often quite difficult to determine if it is something we must move through, go around, or if we should turn around and start over. 

We do not want to waste our time and effort trying to go in a direction that will take us nowhere. 

Likewise, we do not want to give up before having a breakthrough or making real progress. 

Resistance is a test. 

It challenges us to decide for ourselves exactly how committed we are to the path we are on. 

If we know where we want to go, but meet resistance along the way, we have to make a choice, but the choice may not be obvious. 

Once we determine that we want to or must keep going, we will need to find a way to do so in the face of the obstacles we face. 

This will require courage, resilience, and ingenuity, but most of all, it will require commitment.

Whether we have to adjust, pivot, or simply double-down on our efforts, if we do so half-heartedly, we are sure to fail and we might as well have just quit. 

We must move with intention, focus, and conviction if we are going to succeed. 

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