Immovable Center

When things are going poorly for us, when life is difficult and we are struggling, we are grateful for even the tiniest bit of relief, hoping with all of our being that our circumstances and our feelings will change for the better soon. 

When things are going well, however, when life feels easy and things seem to be going our way, we tend to take this for granted as if we deserve it and it will last forever.

The truth is that both the bad times and the good will pass.

Nothing is permanent.

With this in mind, we get to decide whether or not our external circumstances should dictate our internal state.

If the world around us is constantly changing, if it is perpetually waxing and waning between what seems to benefit us and what seems to be harmful to us, chasing one and running away from the other will having us run in circles.

Worse yet, it will have us running in a spiral toward an abyss of unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

If, rather than being led by our circumstances, we focus on our center, on our consistency and our stability, we may find ourselves standing in the eye of the storm of life, observing it as it spins around us instead of being drawn into the winds and the rain of life’s trials and tribulations.

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