Feeling Out Of Step

Sometimes we will have days where everything just feels a little bit off. 

We cannot quite find our groove. 

We are a little bit late for everything, the demands of the day come at us faster than we can keep up with them, and we just cannot seem to get traction. 

Where we once had flow, we now trip and stumble. 

Everything feels like a setback. 

This is not regression, however. 

This is where the growth happens. 

These are growing pains. 

During these times when nothing feels right, when nothing quite seems to go our way, and when we feel out of sorts and out of place, we get to make a choice. 

We can either give up and choose a different path or we can commit to our path, dig in, and trudge onward. 

There is no right or wrong choice. 

Life is not meant to be easy nor our purpose obvious. 

We have to struggle for everything worth having, doing, and experiencing. 
If we keep this in mind when we feel like we do not quite fit in, we will come to see that our difficulty is a gift. 

Our difficulties are the bridge we must cross in order to become who we truly are. 

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