Saying No To Distractions

If we are going to follow our hearts and try to live our best life, we have to learn how to say no to things that do not serve this purpose. 

This is not because we should be selfish or stingy with our time, but because if something is worth doing, it is worth our undivided attention. 

We should not want to give ourselves half-heartedly to other people’s needs or our life’s purpose. 

When it is clear that giving ourselves to one will mean sacrificing the quality and quantity of time and attention that we give to the other, we must decide which cause is more important. 

Sometimes, we must put one on hold while we focus on the other. 

But, if we know our path, if we are dedicated to it, and we are unwilling to give in to distraction, we must find a way to turn down people and opportunities that take us away from this path, and we must find a way to do this that is both generous and gracious. 

It is simply impossible to live our best life without generosity and graciousness. 

It is also impossible to live our best life without focus, purpose, or direction. 

Not every road is meant to be gone down. 

We will never get where we are headed if we take every detour. 

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