Creating Our World

Some of us have more difficulty fitting into and adapting to this world than the people around us do.

While they seem to do this without much thought or effort, we struggle to find our place. 

It is more than okay to admit that we are not like others. 

In fact, it may be necessary for our happiness and our sanity. 

By admitting that we are different, we give ourselves the freedom to forge our own path, to find our own way, and to create a new world for ourselves based on our unique needs. 

People who fit neatly into the world have no reason to try to change it. 

They simply plug in and get along. 

But, for people who feel out of place, this feeling of dissonance or displacement often drives us to create. 

We become the change makers. 

We have to or else our lives are nothing more than the perpetual discomfort of feeling alone and out of place. 

Creativity becomes not only an outlet for expressing our ideas and feelings, but a means of justifying our existence and claiming our place in this world by making the world into a place more suitable for us. 

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