Proximity And Similarity

Proximity does not indicate similarity. 

Just because we are physically close to someone and may even spend a great deal of time with them, does not mean that we necessarily share the same outlook, values, or morals with them. 

We may be near them because we have to be. 

Maybe we live with them, work with them, or simply share some common space with them on a regular basis. 

When there is a significant variation in values between us and the people we regularly spend time with, it is extremely important that we maintain internal boundaries so that we do not lose our bearing within our relationships. 

Differences are not necessarily bad. 

In fact, quite often, our differences are what make our relationships interesting, engaging, and valuable to our collective lives. 

However, when these differences are so fundamental as to have a negative impact on our core being, we need to maintain a strict psycho-emotional separation for the sake of our own integrity. 

It is sometimes better to keep our integrity and lose our relationships than to lose our integrity and keep our relationships. 

We will likely come to find that, by taking the former path, new, better relationships develop in place of the old, unhealthy ones we let go of. 

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