What Needs To Change

When one thing in our lives causes us the majority of our difficulty, discomfort, or distress, we must ask ourselves whether it is that thing or us that needs to change. 

This means we must determine how important this aspect of our life is to us. 

Is it essential or nonessential? 

Can we live without it or does our livelihood, security, and well-being depend on it? 

Is it something we hold onto because we must or do we resist letting it go simply because it is easier to do nothing than to make a change? 

Is this the hill we want to die on or should we move on and save our resources for a more important battle down the road? 

No one can answer these questions for us. 

We must have the self-honesty and courage to not only face the truth, but to take the necessary action to follow through on that truth once we have accepted it. 

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