The Final Say

Fear comes in many different forms, but most of it is self-centered. 

We worry. 

We fret. 

We obsess over all that could go wrong. 

We imagine all sort of scenarios that will lead to our pain, suffering, and strife. 

Whatever is the worst that could happen in a given situation, we know that it can and perhaps will happen to us. 

Fear does not get the final say, however. 

If we decide that fear is not going to control us, that it is not going to determine our fate, and that we are going to free ourselves from its treacherous grasp, fear is nothing but a feeling. 

Action is the killer of fear. 

Specifically, positive action taken in the opposite direction of our fears has the power to override them. 

That is because, as powerful as fear may be, hope and optimism backed with effort are what keep us going. 

Often, they keep us going in spite of ourselves. 

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