The Persistence Of An Idea

Sometimes we get an idea in our head that just will not leave us alone. 

It nags at us constantly in all of our waking hours. 

Regardless of what fears arise or what logic is thrown at it, it persists. 

It feels as if the only way to quiet this relentless whisper is to act on it, to follow through, and to see what happens. 

There are many names for this type of persistent thought that pulls us toward it no matter what we do. 

Whether we refer to it as our passion, our dream, or our calling, it feels like destiny beckoning us in its direction. 

And, why shouldn’t we listen? 

So long as this idea is not immoral, unethical, or irresponsible, why should we not act on it, even if only to see what happens? 

If we do nothing, nothing will change. 

We will continue on as we are. 

But, eventually, when our opportunity has passed us by, this idea unfulfilled will become regret. 

Ideas that will not leave us alone can be resolved through action. 

Regrets that will not leave us alone can only be resolve through time and even that may not work. 

Action, therefore, no matter how frightening, risky, or uncertain the outcome, is a far better gamble than regret. 

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