Helping Where We Can

We cannot help everyone. 

In fact, we should not even try to help everyone. 

Not everyone will want or need our help. 

And, sometimes we do not have the resources to help. 

But, when, where, and who we can help, we should. 

And, we should do so without hesitation, expectations, or regret. 

If someone wants or needs our assistance and we have the resources to assist them, our life and theirs will be made infinitely better by our doing so. 

This is merely a byproduct of our service, however. 

Reward should not be our goal. 

Although, it should be said, that this ideal is difficult, if not impossible to attain. 

We always want some kind of credit for our good deeds, even if it is simply the prideful satisfaction of knowing we did them. 

If sin is an inevitability, a foregone conclusion, it is far better to fail on the side of the angels than on the side of selfishness and self-centeredness. 

We should not avoid being helpful simply because we will feel good about it. 

God wants us to be happy, after all. 

We just have to know that the joy and satisfaction we get out of being helpful, like all emotions, will pass in time. 

This is because joy and satisfaction themselves are not infinite. 

Only God’s love is infinite, but we can tap into it a little bit at a time by loving one another as purely and selflessly as we are capable of within and through our flawed and fragile humanity. 

This is a good place to start anyway. 

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