Options For Intolerability

There are several ways to deal with an intolerable situation. 

One way is to learn to tolerate it. 

Things are rarely as intolerable as we think, after all. 

We are more adaptable than we give ourselves credit for. 

Given enough time, we get used to even the worst of circumstances and they begin to feel normal. 

For the intolerable to feel normal is not really ideal, however. 

Another way to deal with an intolerable situation is to try to change it. 

This will not be easy. 

We will most likely meet a great deal of resistance. 

And, there is a good chance that we will fail. 

Still, if, for whatever reason, we are dedicated enough to our circumstances and we find that we cannot change to meet them, it may be worth the effort to try to change them. 

If this does not work out, we may actually make things worse for ourselves, however. 

Finally, we can always walk away. 

If the situation we are in is truly intolerable and we find that we can neither change the situation nor ourselves sufficiently enough to find some kind of peace and acceptance, we may simply have to leave. 

This, however, assumes we have somewhere else to go. 

This is where things get tricky. 

New opportunities are often quite difficult to come by, especially if we have dedicated a great deal of time and energy into the situation we are currently in. 

Time and energy invested into a situation that we now find intolerable is not reason enough to stay, however. 

Life is both too short and too long to continue with what is not working merely because it took us a great deal of time and effort to realize it is not working. 

We should not consider this time and effort wasted. 

Every experience is valuable in its own way. 

When we find that we have no other choice, it is time to go. 

To step into the unknown is usually quite frightening, but it can’t really be much worse than staying in a known situation we have already determined is intolerable after all. 

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