Smiling At God

Every once in a while, God winks at us just to see us smile. 

At exactly the right moment, when we are experiencing doubt or insecurity, something will happen to let us know that He is there.

He is present and He is actively participating in our lives. 

We need these reminders from time to time because life is difficult. 

We can get fearful, frustrated, or lose faith. 

We can feel disconnected and even abandoned or forsaken by God. 

This is all part of the struggle of being human. 

We are imperfect beings, incapable of experiencing God perfectly. 

Because of this, we occasionally lose touch with Him, no matter how faithful we try to be, and find ourselves feeling lost and alone. 

But, if we are willing, if we have eyes to see and ears to hear, He will reveal himself to us in a way that is so personal, so subtle, and so powerful that His presence in our hearts and in our lives is undeniable. 

And, we are left with nothing else to do but smile. 

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