Divine Comfort

Everything we do, whether we know it or not, is in pursuit of divine comfort. 

When we are young, our source of comfort is meant to come from our parents. 

As we mature and get older, however, we begin to seek other sources of comfort. 

We seek comfort in all manner of people, places, things, and experiences trying to find our identity and our place in the world. 

As we grow up, we get so busy living and so distracted by all of our options that we are not really conscious of the fact that comfort is what we are seeking. 

We can go on like this for quite some time actually. 

We can spend many, many years in pursuit of anything and everything other than what, deep down, we actually need and desire. 

Usually, it takes some profoundly life-altering experience to shift our focus inward. 

Unfortunately, this experience typically comes in the form of some kind of tragedy or deep suffering. 

Even then, we may or may not know where to look for what we need. 

We may have the great sense that something is wrong, that something is missing, and that nothing we have previously tried has or can satisfy our longing, but unless we know to where and whom we should turn, our longing will only grow. 

This longing may manifest as anxiety, depression, or despair. 

We will do anything and everything within our power to ease our discomfort, but as long as we are looking for a worldly solution to a spiritual problem, our problem will persist. 

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