Attachment To Distraction

There are an infinite number of distractions along the path. 

The danger is not distraction itself, however. 

The real danger is attaching our identities to that which we are distracted by. 

If we allow ourselves to become convinced that some thing outside of us is an integral and essential part of who we are, inevitably, we will have sold ourselves short. 

If we allow this to go on for too long, we will begin to lose ourselves and our bearing. 

Then, if the external facet of our life to which we have attached our identity is suddenly and violently torn away from us, we will be utterly and tragically lost. 

We will not know where we are or, worse still, who we are. 

A feeling of hopelessness and despair will rise up within us as we begin to realize the amount of time and energy we have wasted getting somewhere we do not want to be by chasing after something that was not meant for us to keep. 

The solution is to turn inward, to find our center, and to dedicatedly and unwaveringly seek and settle into that which resides within us that will never lead us astray and that can never be torn away. 

The path, we will come to find, is an internal one. 

It leads us deeper and deeper into the dark and hidden recesses of our being where, beyond and beneath our distractions, our attachments, and our identities, if we are open and welcoming to it, we will find the infinite, powerful presence of God’s love, comfort, and direction. 

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