Welcoming Grace

Grace is not something we can create. 

It is not given to us through our efforts. 

Nor can we think or believe our way into receiving it. 

Grace is a gift freely given. 

And, it is being given to us at all times. 

It was given to us prior to our birth and will be continue to be given long after we have passed on. 

We cannot make grace happen for ourselves or others. 

All we can do is accept it. 

Grace is there for us to acknowledge, welcome, and receive. 

How we live, what we think, and what we believe may make this acceptance of grace either easier or more difficult for us. 

But, when grace wants to have its way with us, nothing can stop it. 

Grace, once experienced, begins to break down our internal walls so that its light can work its way into our hearts. 

This is not guaranteed to be an easy or a comfortable process. 

We may try to resist, ignore, or reject grace, but we will suffer for our efforts. 

If we allow it, however, grace will transform us such that we become an example of the compassion, mercy, and comfort that it offers to us and all who welcome it into our lives. 

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