Accepting Help

One of the most important lessons we can teach our children is that we do not solve all of our problems on our own. 

They need to understand that, quite often, we need help from others. 

They also need to know that we are willing to ask for it when we do and that we are willing to accept it when it is freely offered. 

We do not know everything, we cannot do everything, and we cannot be all things to all people. 

Sometimes, we do our best and it is not good enough. 

Sometimes, we do not have the knowledge, the skills, or the resources to accomplish whatever it is that we are trying to accomplish. 

Our children need to see us not pretending. 

They need to see that, as much as we try to be strong, self-sufficient, and resilient, we are also only human. 

As such, we are flawed, we are fragile, and we rely on other people in our lives, people we respect, trust, and care about, to be strong where we are weak. 

We work together with others to make better lives for ourselves and for each other. 

They need to know this because it is important that they understand, when they need help, that it is okay to ask for it and it is okay to accept it. 

They also need to know that when others ask for help, it is okay to give it. 

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