Our Quiet Values

We will never be comfortable with who we are if we consistently do things in our lives that go against our values. 

Sometimes it is difficult to truly know what our values are, however. 

Our values come from all different places, some of which are influencing us without us even knowing it. 

We each have the values we were raised with, the values that we picked up from our experiences, and the values we have decided for ourselves along the way. 

Some of these values are conscious and some are unconscious, but they all affect the way we think, talk, and behave in our lives. 

When our values do not align with the values of the world around us, we find ourselves in conflict. 

But, in reality, our values may even be in conflict with themselves which will, in turn, put us in conflict with ourselves. 

This can all be quite confusing from day to day. 

Add to this the fact that the world changes, the people around us change, and we change, and it can be quite frustrating to find our bearing at times. 

This is why we must look inward. 

If we truly want to know what our values are, we have to learn to sit still, to quiet our minds, and to listen to our inner voice. 

This voice, our conscience for lack of a better word, knows the truth about who we are and what is right or wrong for us. 

If we listen to this inner voice, we will find that our inner, and even our outer, conflict starts to resolve itself. 

If we do not, we will find that, over time, this inner voice gets quieter and quieter, while our discomfort, confusion, and frustration grow ever louder and stronger. 

We can always return to this quiet place, however. 

It is not too late. 

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