A Source Of Peace And Comfort

If our peace and comfort comes only from the opinions of others regarding who we are, not only will it be very difficult for us to find peace and comfort, but it will also be very difficult to be who we are. 

We cannot please everyone. 

Nor can we impress, motivate, or inspire everyone. 

In reality, out of all of the people in the world, very few people will ever actually like, respect, or care about us. 

Out of those few people, if we are extremely fortunate, maybe a handful will be a reliable source of support and positivity in our lives. 

The truth is that most people are too worried about themselves, their own interests, and their own ideas, agendas, and perceptions to care about who we are at any more than the most superficial level.

They are more concerned with who we are to them, for them, and what we have to offer them than they are with who we actually are, what our true value is, and what our needs are. 

If we try to find peace and comfort in our selves and in our lives by trying to please these people, we will inevitably be disappointed. 

Peace and comfort that is attached to something as fickle as the opinions of others cannot be said to be true peace of comfort. 

If we want peace and comfort that is consistent, reliable, and eternal, we must seek it from a source that is also consistent, reliable, and eternal. 

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