Time For God

As I sat at my dining table last night after a long, but satisfyingly productive day, I scrolled through the open tabs on my computer looking for something to lose myself in. 

I sought distraction, something to help me unwind. 

Out of habit, I checked my social media accounts, hoping to see or read something of value or interest, but was ultimately unsatisfied by what I found. 

I then looked for a movie or show to watch, but, again, nothing seemed worthy of the time and attention that would be required of me and I was left feeling disappointed. 

As I sat there restlessly wasting time, the thought came to me, “If you have time to do this, you also have time for God.” 

I ignored this notion for a while, but I knew what I had to do and I also knew that I was procrastinating. 

I closed my laptop, walked over to my meditation space, opened up the book that I read from before settling into quiet contemplation, and said a prayer of both thankfulness and invitation. 

I then proceeded to sit quietly for twenty minutes as I try to do twice a day, every day, seeking that place inside of me that is beneath the noise and beyond the toil, the place wherein I attempt to settle into that which is eternal and wherein I attempt to allow that which is eternal to settle into me. 

After my meditation session was over, I said another prayer and got ready for bed. I slept well knowing that I would not easily forget the thought: If you have time to do this, you also have time for God. 

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