The Results Of Willingness

There is no use being envious of people for reaping the benefits of doing things we were never going to do anyway. 

If someone has something we do not, whether it is money, power, prestige, or a relationship, being upset about this fact will not change it. 

Not only that, quite often people have things we do not because they were willing to do things we were not in order to get them. 

Of course, luck, fate, and opportunity all play a part in our circumstances, but, that aside, effort and willingness can get us pretty far if we apply ourselves correctly. 

Often, the reason others have things we do not is because they put time, effort, and attention into getting those things that we were unable or unwilling to. 

Quite likely, our time, effort, and attention were spent on other things. 

If this is the case, we are not actually missing out. 

We made a choice and so did they. 

Being upset about the results of these choices will not change what has been done and it will not help us move forward, living our lives according to our values. 

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