Clearer Purpose

We often do not understand our purpose until it has already been fulfilled. 

It is more easily understood in hindsight than in forethought. 

It is difficult to know why we are doing what we are doing while we are in the middle of it. 

We are too close to our own circumstances to see them for what they are and to see ourselves for who we are. 

We have to work our way through the situations we are in so that we can look back at them with a different perspective. 

As we grow and change through our experiences, we begin to see the value that we have brought to the lives of the people we have come into contact with. 

We also begin to see the value they have brought to our lives. 

Our experience becomes informative. 

As we look back, our purpose becomes more clear. 

We may even see it through our failures. 

Failure is as much of a teacher as success, or perhaps it is more of one. 

Either way, whether by seeing where we went right or where we went wrong, we begin to see. 

Our purpose becomes clearer. 

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