The Truth Is

The truth may frighten us. 

It may even anger us. 

We may attempt to deny, reject, or contradict it. 

That does not, however, make the truth any less true. 

The truth does not require our approval. 

It does not need our belief, our acceptance, or our agreement in order to exist as the truth. 

The truth does not change based on our feelings, our opinions, or our protestations. 

The truth is what it is. 

It simultaneously exists beyond us, outside of us, and within us. 

The truth needs nothing from us. 

It does not pursue us, chase us, or debate with us. 

Whatever internal conflict we feel over the truth is our own. 

The truth has nothing to prove. 

It is true. 

And, the truth will be there when we decide to come around to it. 

In the meantime, let us hope and pray that we have not moved so far away from the truth, out of pride, fear, or ignorance, that we are unable to recognize it when we are finally willing to do so.  

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