The Challenges Of Growth

Our personal truth will change over time. 

As we grow and evolve, our beliefs, opinions, preferences, and desires will grow and evolve as well. 

This will not always be an enjoyable process. 

Change and growth are not always pleasant experiences. 

Sometimes, in fact, they are quite painful. 

Change and growth challenge us. 

They push us past our previous limitations and boundaries. 

Through change and growth, we will find ourselves in unfamiliar territory, not knowing who we are or what will happen next. 

We will feel alone and afraid. 

We will want to turn around and go back. 

Life does not work this way, however. 

There is no returning to who we once were. 

Change is going to come. 

Growth is going to happen. 

Sometimes, the best we can do is to hold on for the ride. 

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