Purpose Or Patience

Being aimlessly busy is just as counterproductive as being lazily idle.

In fact, it may be more so. 

The problem with being aimlessly busy is that it has the potential to take us quite far off track without our ever even noticing. 

The busier we are with no clear direction, the farther we go. 

Without a goal, a purpose, or a plan, this can lead to disaster. 

We may find ourselves many days, months, or years later, lost, not knowing who or where we are, with no idea how we got here or how to get back.

Busyness itself is a distraction. 

It is a means of procrastinating, of ignoring or avoiding what is necessary. 

What we need is not busyness. 

What we need is purposeful action in a clear direction with a well-defined goal. 

But, if we do not have that, what we need is patience. 

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