Attention Or Connection

Attention is not the same as connection. 

Attention offers only brief satisfaction. 

It lasts only as long as the experience itself. 

Then, it is gone. 

Attention leaves us wanting and needing more. 

Connection, on the other hand, fulfills us. 

It gives our lives hope, meaning, and purpose. 

Connection travels with us through time and space. 

It stays with us far beyond fleeting experiences. 

Connection is an ongoing experience, a living bond that grows, evolves, and improves over time. 

Often, we think we want or need attention, but connection is actually what we are after. 

We should not compromise and settle for attention when connection is what we truly seek. 

Connection may be difficult to find, develop, and maintain, but it is worth the effort. 

Once we experience real, deep, and meaningful connection in our lives, we will never want to settle for attention again. 

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