What We Value

Other people will not always care about how we choose to direct our efforts. 

They will not care about what we value and dedicate ourselves to. 

Most likely, they will care more about what is important to them, what benefits them, and what serves to push their agenda, goals, and lives forward. 

What we think is important may be entirely different from what they think is important. 

It is not up to us to change their minds.

We probably can’t anyway. 

Our goal should be to be of service. 

Instead of trying to convince others of how and why what we want, value, and strive for is what’s best, we should try to see things from their perspective. 

We should try to be understanding.

And, most importantly, we should do our best to be helpful. 

What we may come to find, over time, is that helping others get what they want, as long as we do so with integrity and sincerity, is actually the most direct path to getting what we want. 

Helping others helps us.  

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