Feelings Do Not Work

It is highly unlikely that your boss calls you every morning to ask you if you feel like going to work. 

Your feelings have very little to do with it. 

You go to work because it is your job to do so. 

Why, then, do we think that we have to wait until our feelings are right before doing something that matters? 

Why are we waiting to find ‘our passion’ before seeking greatness in our lives? 

What if it were our job to do something that matters, to seek greatness in our lives, and to make positive change in the world? 

What if our feelings had nothing to do with it? 

It is quite likely that, much like our work, the effort we put into everything we do has more to do with the results, benefits, and outcomes we will get than the feelings we have while doing it. 

Instead of waiting for our feelings to be right, instead of waiting to find our passion, maybe we should start by showing up and doing the work.

Our greater purpose is not going to call us to ask us if we feel like showing up any more than our boss is. 

We have to show up for our greater purpose just like we show up for our job. 

That means showing up on time, without excuses, and ready to put in whatever amount of effort it takes to get the job done. 

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