First Chances

No matter what we may think, no matter what we tell ourselves, and no matter what others may say, we could not have done things differently. 

We could not have made different choices. 

We could not have made better decisions. 

We could not have been someone other than who we were in that moment. 

We were who we were. 

We thought what we thought. 

We said what we said. 

We did what we did. 

It happened the way it happened. 

There is no going back  

There is no changing the past. 

There are no second chances. 

There are only first chances and we have a lot of those ahead of us as long as we keep showing up. 

With the knowledge of our past and the wisdom we have gained from it, we have to do better this time, in this moment, in this first chance. 

Otherwise, all of those missed, wasted, or fumbled first chances behind us were all for nothing. 

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