Focus On Your Work

It is easier than ever to find ourselves being drawn into controversies, arguments, and debates we normally would not even hear about, let alone care about.

The volume with which we are presented with new issues, new agendas, and new slights is stressfully overwhelming. 

It is too much to keep up with and yet we try. 

The immediate availability and convenience of drama somehow makes us feel as if we should participate in it simply because it is there, in our faces, waiting for us to stick our nose in it, to add our two cents, and to try to influence or fix it. 

There is nothing to fix, however, at least not where we are looking. 

Engaging with manufactured drama on platforms selling our attention to the highest bidder is not how change is made in the world, at least not positive, meaningful, and long-lasting change. 

That type of change is made in our hearts, in our homes, and in our relationships. 

It is made by doing good work, by creating something we care about, and by sharing that with people who want to receive it. 

Every moment wasted on algorithm-generated drama is time, energy, and attention not given to the work we should be doing that actually means something, that actually fulfills us, and that will actually make the world a better place. 

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