Creating The Future

Will the person you hope to be tomorrow be proud of the decisions you made today? 

Forethought is a luxury. 

It means that we have the time, the tools, and the intelligence to be able to consider our lives beyond this moment, beyond the immediate need to survive. 

It means that, all things considered, we are probably doing alright. 

With this in mind, if we have the luxury of forethought in our lives, we should not waste it. 

We should use it to our advantage. 

No matter how difficult it may be to do so, we have to think beyond this moment, beyond what we think we need right now. 

We have to imagine who we hope to be in the future and we must act in a way now that allows for that possibility later. 

Our future selves are depending on our decisions in the present being the right ones. 

We have to make this moment count. 

It is the only one we get. 

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