From Resistance To Service

Resistance is rarely the most practical and immediate way forward.

In fact, it tends to slow us down and impede our progress. 

Simply because we may not like something, or at least the idea of it, has no bearing on whether or not we should or must do it. 

Resisting what should or must be done will not only waste our time and energy, but will also invariably cause us more trouble along the way. 

Instead of making our lives better or easier, this will only make things more difficult for us. 

When we feel ourselves resisting what is required of us, rather than having an attitude of “I don’t want to,” which will more than likely make our lives and our relationships worse, we should pause and ask ourselves, or even others, how we can be of service. 

Not only will this help us to overcome our own resistance, but it will also, more than likely, help us to avoid the unnecessary resistance of others along the way.

When we cannot change what is being asked of us, we can at least change our attitude toward the task at hand.

An attitude of service is one of the surest ways to overcome an attitude of resistance. 

The former will get us where we want to go much faster than the latter anyway. 

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