Edges And Corners

No one tries to fold a blanket from the middle first.

We start with the edges and the corners. 

Why, then, do we think we can find what we are looking for in our lives, our careers, and our relationships by starting in the middle, by trying to please everyone, and by doing what is or what will be popular?

The middle is not where change starts. 

Change starts at the edges and the corners. 

The middle is not interesting. 

The middle has no character, no definition, and does not tell us anything about who we are and the change we are trying to make. 

The edges and the corners are what give us our shape.

They give us our character and our definition. 

If we want to make change in our lives and in the lives of those around us, we must first try to find the edges and the corners of ourselves.

We must focus on these edges and corners.

We have to learn to accept, embrace, and accentuate them. 

Over time, maybe, just maybe, others with similar edges and corners will see what we are trying to do and will say, “Yes. I am like that too. I have similar edges and corners. Thank you for showing me yours.” 

And, this is how a community starts. 

It starts at the edges and the corners. 

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