Sharing Strength And Weakness

We are not here to be alone.

Nor should we try to do everything on our own. 

We are going to need help at some point in our lives.

In fact, we may need help in some way every single day, even many times throughout each day.  

We simply cannot do everything ourselves. 

None of us is unique in this aspect of existence. 

We cannot be strong in all things. 

Where we are weak, it is important to acknowledge this and to ask for help in whatever areas we may be lacking.  

This does not mean that we should cease trying to improve, however. 

On the contrary, we should work tirelessly to become better people, to grow and build new skills, and to strengthen our character in whatever ways we can. 

True strength, however, comes from humility.

It comes from acknowledging where we need others, as well as asking for and accepting the help they have to offer. 

We are all made better by this simple act of sharing our strengths and weaknesses for collective improvement. 

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