Joy And Suffering

We cannot escape suffering in this life. 

Suffering is an inevitability. 

It cannot be avoided. 

It is in us and around us.  

Suffering is inherent in the choices we make and the choices we do not make. 

This does not mean that suffering should be sought out, celebrated, or enjoyed, however.

While suffering is an inescapable part of life, it should not be the goal of our life. 

Suffering should not be the central fact of our existence. 

Our thoughts should not revolve around our suffering.

Nor should our words be purely a reflection of how much and for what reasons we suffer.  

There is much more to us and our lives than this. 

If suffering is all that we see, feel, and express, we have surely lost our way. 

We must find our way back to joy.

But first, we must seek it. 

Just as suffering is in us and around us, so too is joy. 

It is up to us which of these we look for, experience, and reflect into the world from moment to moment and day to day. 

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