Do More Or Do Better

Most of us are struggling from day to day to survive.

We may have hopes and dreams of getting ahead, but, without a plan or the means to execute it, we spend our time and energy doing things that keep us in the very position we wish not to be in.

Doing more of the same in a world that is growing ever more complex will never get us ahead.

In fact, as the world becomes evermore complicated and stressful, more of the same will only put us further and further behind.

We cannot stay stagnant.

If we want to get ahead, we have to find ways to do more of better or at least more of more, not more of the same.

That is to say, we either have either find better things to spend our time and energy doing or we have to find more efficient and effective means of doing what we already do so that we can take on additional opportunities.

None of this will happen on its own.

Opportunities for growth and improvement are not seeking us out.

We must take action.

We must do the work to either create our own opportunities for growth and improvement or to put ourselves in a position from which we can seize them when they become available.

This will not be easy.

If easy is what we desire, we should plan to have very little of everything else.

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