The Problem With Winning

The problem with winning is that it makes us believe we are right.

Success can be deceptive.

Or, more accurately, we are easily deceived by success.

Many factors go into our success in any endeavor, some of which are in our control, but many of which are not.

Sometimes luck, good fortune, or even the mistakes of others enable us to be successful more-so than our own skill, talent, or intelligence.

More often than not, it is some combination of these that gets us where we are trying to go.

But it is difficult, if not impossible, for us to separate out the extrinsic from the intrinsic factors that led to our success.

Having no real control over many of the extrinsic factors, we tell ourselves that our success itself proves that we are good or right.

If we allow it to, this has the potential to make us cocky or arrogant.

Blinded by our egos, we then double or triple down on our efforts, believing that we, alone are the reason for our success.

Left unchecked by good sense, generous associates willing to show us our blind spots, or even by the great teacher that is failure, this attitude can get us into all manner of trouble.

‘The Problem With Winning, by Robert Van Valkenburgh

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