Ask Or Do Not Receive

If we do not ask for what we want, the answer is always no. 

No one is waiting around to give us what we desire. 

It is not simply going to be handed to us or dropped in our laps. 

We have to speak up. 

Knowing that we may be rejected, we have to take a risk and express our wishes. 

No one is going to do it for us. 

If we cannot or will not advocate for ourselves, the direction of our lives will be dictated by some combination of fate and the wishes or whims of other people, with us having no say in the matter. 

The only way for our desires to manifest as reality is for us to speak them into power. 

This does not guarantee us the result we hope for, but silence guarantees that our wishes we will go unheard. 

‘Ask Or Do Not Receive’ by Robert Van Valkenburgh

HOLISTIC BUDO: As in Life, so too in Budo. As in Budo, so too in Life.

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