Adapting To Obstacles

As important as planning is, it is equally important to be able to change our plans when it proves necessary to do so. 

It is all but guaranteed that things will not go the way that we wish, hope, or predict. 

This should not stop us from thinking ahead and preparing for the outcomes we desire, however. 

We need to remain optimistic that things will work out while simultaneously being realistic about the fact that they may not. 

Our ability to adapt when things do not go our way is perhaps the primary determining factor for our success. 

An inability to adapt will lead to almost certain failure. 

Stubbornness, rigidity, and obstinance may feel like assets, but they rarely work out to be so in the long run. 

What truly drives us forward in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles and difficulties is flexibility, pliability, and an open mind. 

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