The Will To Continue

No matter how hard we try or how much we give, it still may not be enough. 

We can do our absolute best, leaving nothing behind, but we still may fall short of our goals or aspirations. 

This is simply part of life. 

We cannot be everything or have everything. 

We are only human. 

We have limited potential and limited resources at our disposal. 

We can only do so much. 

But, as long as we have given our all, as long as we have done everything we could have to be successful, there is no use grieving over our perceived failures. 

It is far better to accept the truth of our situation for what it is and to use that truth as a platform for whatever growth is available to us than to feel sorry for ourselves for coming up short of what we had aspired to and using that as an excuse to do nothing.

The best way to ensure our failure is to think that one setback or a series of setbacks determines our fate. 

Our fate is only determined by our will to either carry on or to quit come what may. 

We cannot control what obstacles we will face, but we can control how we will face them. 

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