Some of us think too much. 

We have wild imaginations that can take us off into all sorts of strange places. 

This can, at times, be quite an asset and can help us to solve or even foresee problems in unique and interesting ways. 

Along with the benefits of this tendency to overthink, however, comes some drawbacks. 

Our overthinking can cause us to turn that which is simple into something unnecessarily complex, that which is easy into something difficult, and that which is insignificant into something impossibly overwhelming and frightening or frustrating. 

We can turn any experience, circumstance, or interaction into much more than it is or needs to be in our minds. 

If we allow negativity to infect our thinking, we can start predicting all sorts of terrible scenarios and outcomes. 

Soon, we begin forecasting our own doom and demise. 

This ‘doomcasting’’ as we can call it, does us nor the people around us no good at all. 

Not only does it drag us down into the depths of cynicism, despair, and the kind of loneliness that only bitterness and anger can lead us to, but it is also a lie. 

What we imagine will happen in the darkest depths of our over-active imaginations is not what is actually happening now, in this moment, in actuality. 

What is happening now, whether we know it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not, and whether we accept it or not is that an infinite, loving God is loving us infinitely and unconditionally. 

All of the thinking in the world cannot and will not change this fact. 

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