Permanent Security

We all seek security in different ways. 

Some of us seek it in our relationships, companionship, or popularity. 

Some of us look for security in our work, our careers, or some other form of success. 

Others of us believe that money, possessions, or material wealth will give us the security we are after. 

Likely, most of us want to find security in all of these things. 

Unfortunately, whatever security we think we will find in these things is an illusion. 

Any one of these external facets of our existence can be taken from us at any moment.

If we have placed our reliance for security upon transitory things, when they are gone, so too goes our security. 

In fact, just the threat of these things being taken from us is enough, if this is where we have placed our hope, to terrify us and cause us to panic. 

That is because there is no security to be found in that which is, in its very nature, impermanent. 

If we want to feel safe, secure, and comforted, we must look toward that which existed before we were born, that which will exist long after we are gone, and that which can never be taken away from us. 

If we want true safety, security, and comfort, the only place it can and must be found is in God’s love. 

God’s love will never abandon us, it cannot be taken from us, and, no matter what else we lose or gain in our lives, it will always remain constant for us. 

We all seek security, but if we look for it in that which we can lose, we have set ourselves up for disappointment and distress. 

If, on the other hand, we look for it in that which is permanent, abundant, and ever-present, we will never be let down because, for as long as we rely upon him to do so, God will never cease sustaining, protecting, and guiding us through all of our difficulties toward better things. 

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