For The Team

We often hear the phrase “take one for the team,” but it is less common to hear “the team is going to take one for you.” 

Teamwork should be a two-way street. 

The effort, the loyalty, and the benefits should go both ways. 

The burdens and the sacrifices should as well. 

A team is what the team does together, what it shares together, builds together, loses together, celebrates together, and grieves together. 

There is no blame in a team. 

There is only accountability, support, and the mutual sharing of responsibility. 

When one part of a team falls behind, the rest of the team helps them keep up. 

When one part of a team fails, the whole team fails. 

When one part of the team succeeds, the whole team succeeds. 

Teamwork is measured in shared progress. 

A team that asks an individual to “take one for the team,” if they are truly a team, will also “take one for the individual” if and when it is necessary to do so.  

A team is a unit that moves as one, wins as one, and loses as one. 

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