A Renewable Source Of Happiness

If we spend all of our time chasing our own happiness, we will probably find that it is quite elusive. 

The things we think will make us happy rarely do. 

More often than not, they leave us disappointed and wanting more. 

Once we get more of whatever we wanted, the cycle repeats. 

We may have been happy for a brief moment, if at all, but then that feeling fades and we begin the search again. 

We tell ourselves that we simply wanted the wrong thing last time as so many times before. 

This time it will be different because this new object, experience, or relationship is different. 

This time, we will be happy. 

Not only that, but we tell ourselves that our yet unfound happiness, once found, will be permanent. 

Inevitably, this is not the case. 

What we all too often miss is the fact that no amount of chasing, seeking, or pursuing happiness can manifest it in our lives, at least not in a long-lasting and meaningful way. 

Paradoxically, happiness tends to come more from what we put into life, what we give of ourselves, than it does from what we try to take out of life for ourselves. 

And, the amazing thing about this happiness is that it is infinitely renewable. 

We can tap into it any time we want and as many times as we want through altruistic acts of humility, graciousness, and generosity. 

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