Ready To Persevere

If we wait for the perfect timing to make our move, we will never go anywhere. 

Opportunities do not arise when we are ready. 

Opportunities arise when they arise. 

When they do, regardless of our readiness, we have the choice to either act or hesitate. 

If we act, we may fail. 

In spite of what people tell themselves to keep their hopes up, failure is always an option. 

In fact, failure is necessary. 

Failure often teaches us more than success ever could or will. 

On the other hand, if we hesitate, if we fail to act out of fear, over-cautiousness, or lack of preparation, success is absolutely not an option. 

Without action, no matter how well prepared we may think we are, we simply cannot succeed. 

Success is quite often not really a question of readiness. 

It is a question of willingness. 

If we are willing to act when opportunity arises, we will find that we become ready through action itself. 

Readiness is not some magical state we arrive at someday wherein we find that everything we were waiting for is also waiting for us. 

Readiness is a mindset, an attitude, and a belief that no matter how unready or unprepared we are, we will adapt and persevere. 

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