A Catalyst For Change

Being unhappy about things we cannot change does not empower us to change them. 

Not only that, but it actually makes us less effective over the things we can change. 

This does not mean that we should simply accept that which we find objectionable or undesirable. 

We should do everything in our power to find a better way and to make a positive change in the world. 

It is just that unhappiness tends to hinder our ability to do this. 

That said, unhappiness is often a powerful catalyst. 

Our pain and misery may be the fuel we need in order to start looking for solutions to the problems that are causing us discomfort. 

We need to know when there is nothing we can do about a particular situation, circumstance, or relationship so that we can move on from it. 

When we face impossibility in our path, we often need only to look elsewhere to discover opportunity, potential, and abundance. 

In this way, a dead end is actually a blessing. 

It tells us where not to go so that we can move on in a better, more fruitful direction. 

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