Our Opportunities

There is not much use in being mad at people for doing things we would have done ourselves if we had the opportunity. 

This type of jealousy is really just misplaced regret. 

We are far better off making the most of the opportunities we have been given.

If we start where we are, embracing the situations and circumstances of our lives, instead of watching where other people have gone or are going, we may notice that we have a lot more options than we tend to perceive. 

And, best of all, they are our options. 

These options are real for us and are full of possibility, perhaps not the possibility we would prefer to have in front of us, but possibility nonetheless. 

Within these very real opportunities lie the key to our freedom and contentment. 

We may need to be creative with how we perceive and work within the limitations of our lives, but no one ever said things would come easily for us. 

By working with what is, instead of pining over what others have that we do not, we give ourselves a realistic degree of hope and, perhaps more importantly, personal empowerment over the things we can actually change to our benefit and the benefit of the lives of those around us. 

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