The Flaws Of Others

When we find ourselves criticizing others, whether publicly or in the privacy of our own thoughts, we should stop to consider where we have been guilty of the same attitudes and behaviors that we find so objectionable. 

It is highly likely, with some rare exceptions, that, at one point or another, perhaps even currently, we have believed, said, or done either the exact same thing or something similar to that which we are currently displeased in someone else. 

This does not mean that we are wrong for disliking some objectionable attitude or behavior. 

It simply means that we need to be careful not to spend too much of our time, energy, and attention being upset about something that we, ourselves, have thought, said, or done. 

This simple reflective exercise will not only save us a lot of unnecessary misery and discomfort, but it will also help us to develop empathy for the other people in our lives. 

We are all extremely flawed creatures who are susceptible to all manner of error, mistake, and poor decision. 

More often than not, our imperfections are not the result of malicious intent. 

They are simply manifestations of our innate and incurable imperfection. 

A little understanding and self reflection, we will find, go a long way toward making peace with ourselves and the world around us once we get past our pride. 

To be resentful, after all, is to lack the humility necessary for contentment in our hearts, minds, and relationships. 

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