Conducive To Peace

While we should try to create circumstances in our lives that are conducive to peace, this will likely prove to be impossible. 

We cannot control everyone and everything. 

Life and the people around us will never fully cooperate with our plans. 

Beyond that, we, ourselves, may not actually know what conditions will bring peace to our hearts, minds, and lives. 

We may work hard to get what we think we want, only to find out that we are still not content, satisfied, or at peace. 

This is our dilemma. 

Instead of trying to change the world to suit our desire for peace, we will be far better off if we change ourselves in such a way that we are able to be at peace regardless of circumstance, in spite of difficulty, and in a way that is not contingent upon specific outcomes. 

In order to do this, we must practice. 

We have to find that place within ourselves wherein unconditional peace exists and we must go back to that place over and over again no matter how difficult it may be to get and stay there. 

Regardless of what life throws at us, regardless of what the day brings, we must make time for this practice of coming back to peace. 

We have to learn to make a home in this place so that we can find it no matter what else is going on. 

Through this practice of returning to peace within ourselves over and over again, day in and day out, we may just come to find that all of the circumstances in our lives are in fact conducive to peace because our peace is not reliant upon circumstances. 

This will not be easy. 

We will falter along the way. 

Failure is part of the process. 

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